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Here you will find information about our training and education and our team; you will also gain insight on the spectrum of treatment provided by our practice, which is designed to make you feel comfortable and at ease.


The concept behind a healthy smile

Being specialists for high-end dental care, friendly and highly motivated employees, service orientation, cost-transparency and communicative competence provide the basis for a healthy smile.

Extensive counseling, peaceful atmosphere as well as gentle treatment, all aimed at the satisfaction and happiness of the patient: this is the focus of our practice. 

At the same time we offer prophylaxis, therapy, aesthetics and follow-up care all at the highest level. Our main goal is the preservation of teeth. If and only if this is no longer an viable option, we can then make use of the various possibilities of dental prosthetics which we have at our disposal.

We guarantee the most up-to-date specialized knowledge and skills at a high medical-technical standard which we have acquired through regular attendance of national as well as international training.

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Dr. med. dent. André Melchior

Dentist, Specialist in Endodontia

Areas of Expertise:

  • Endodontia (certified specialist)
  • Prosthetics
  • Periodontics

Dr. med. dent. Cyrus Alamouti

Dentist, Specialist in Endodontia

Areas of Expertise:

  • Implantology (certified by the DGI)
  • Aesthetics (DGÄZ)
  • Functions diagnostics and therapy (DGFDT)

Prophylaxis (professional dental cleaning)

Professional dental cleaning is a type of prohylactic treatment which is tailored especially to your needs. Your level of oral hygiene is assessed by means of a few small measurements. This helps us to see where your dental hygiene can still be optimized.

Endodontia (root canal treatment)using mikroscope technology

The term endodontia describes the treatment of root canals or nerves. It is the aim of this technology to preserve the affected tooth by means of a procedure which is as gentle and pain-free as possible.

This is carried out with use of a microscope which enables us to gently find all the entries to the canal. Filling all the canals of a tooth is decisive for the long term success of the treatment.

Dental prosthetics

Dental prosthetics help preserve or reconstruct your teeth so that you can once again eat, drink, speak and laugh again without having to worry about your teeth.

No matter whether full dentures, bridges or crowns – our university level prosthetics combined with the know-how of our master dental technician can help to find the ideal solution for you.


Implants are among the most modern and scientifically most established systems. They guarantee reliability and optimal aesthetics.  It is proven that implants are used successfully in 95% of all cases of treatment. An individual treatment plan is created after an extensive consultation, examination, analysis and diagnostic process.

In the long run, implants prevent the resorption of jaw-bone matter and have a substance-sustaining effect for your body. 

Another advantage of using implants is that the surfaces of healthy neighboring teeth don’t have to be ground down.
Implants establish a firm hold of your dental prosthetics.
They also guarantee an open, secure and aesthetic smile. They increase your self-confidence and simply make you look better.

Diagnostics and therapy of the temporomandibular joint (Center for cranial-medicine-cologne)

Craniomandibular Dysfunction (CMD)

Our jaw is so strong that it can hold the weight of a fully grown person. But it is dangerous for the entire organism if the occlusion of the teeth is not optimal. Many people of all age groups suffer from chronic pain such as headaches, neck muscle tension, conditions of the back or facial pains.

Often the underlying cause is a dysfunction of the interplay between upper and lower jaw. This condition is called Craniomandibular Dysfunction – or CMD (Cranium - skull bone/Mandibula - lower jaw).

The necessary examinations consist of a clinical analysis of e.g. the muscles, the mandibular joints as well as the current state of your dental occlusion, plus a special measuring procedure of the mandubular joint. The current state of dental occlusion is transferred to a simulator in order to assess the correct jaw position. A conclusive diagnosis can be provided using these examination procedures and through the close cooperation of an interdisciplinary team consisting of the dentist and e.g. a chiropractor, a specialized neurosurgeon or orthopedist as well as an experienced dental technician.

Periodontitis (gingival disease)

Periodontitis is an inflammatory process of the gums and the jaw bone, caused by bacteria. It usually starts with bleeding of the gums, is then followed by loss of bone matter which will result in loosening and loss of teeth. Periodontitis is among the most common inflectional diseases of the oral cavity and is the most widespread cause for loss of teeth in adults.

However, Periodontitis is not something you have to live with. It is up to us to sustain healthy teeth as long as possible using a comprehensive therapeutic program.

Aesthetic dentistry

Beautiful teeth are a sign of success, well-being and friendliness. In case you are not happy with the looks or state of health of your teeth, there are multiple possibilities to provide you with help.


Today, veneers are a gentle solution if the position of your front teeth is irregular, there is a chipped tooth or you are unhappy with the color of your teeth.

Solid ceramic bridges and crowns

Teeth with large fillings can be reconstructed and/or missing teeth can be replaced. Ceramic restoration secures an aesthetically appealing result and meet all medical requirements.

Ceramic inlays and composite fillings

Plastic ceramics fillings (composites) provide cost effective dental care in the field of aesthetics and can be used on side teeth as  well as on front teeth.